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about us

Welcome to the about us page of Bramblettmedia.com where we are dedicated to helping you making money online, or starting an online business.

Some of the offers that sound too good to be true, usually are.

 That is why I am telling you right now, anyone can make money online. But most won’t even really try. Of those that do, most of those people will give up before they even fully understand how things work.

Thousands of people make a living everyday online.

It is possible, I’m not just gonna tell you to take my word for it like the “Guru’s” and all the influencers promising you will get rich with little to no work. Let me tell you, that is a load of Sh!%. Online marketing was a $500 Billion a year industry with no signs of slowing down, quite the opposite in fact.  

” Nothing in life worth having, will ever come easy”

This was one of my Dad’s favorite sayings. He was a carpenter so he knew a bit about hard work and had some success running his own business. But when it came to technology, well that’s what he had me for. I have been disassembling everything and fixing most of it, since before I could walk.

Around the year 2000 my Dad got me my first computer. This began my life long addiction to tech, learning, and electricity. I went to college, I’ve worked for amazing people at companies that failed and total @ssHo!es that became millionaires. Found myself doing everything from digging ditches, washing dishes, and making other people’s dreams come true. I learned what I did not want to do.

It didn’t happen overnight, but I made serious changes in my life.

This involved removing all the negative people from my life, ain’t nobody got time for that. All those energy vampires that had made their way into my life had to go. Only allow positive people into your life and you will see what a difference it will make. Learn to live outside of your comfort zone and you will astound yourself. Always keep pushing, never give up.

Then I began working with my Dad, he taught me everything about houses and everything else he knew. Always pushing me to be better, and never accepting less anything less than my best. We built a business together. I went from digging ditches to framing houses, to plumbing and roofing.

Moving forward, I kept at it, making things happen. Doing everything I could to gain new skills, always learning. Trying new things, and failing. and failing. followed by brief success.

Then it really hit me me when my father passed….

After that, it finally clicked what my dad had been screaming at me for years. “Use your head Son, don’t be like me. Work smarter, not harder.”

Find what you enjoy in life and strangle every drop of happiness out of it, because you only get one shot. Give it ALL you got.

I will help other people accomplish this as I have.

Work Smarter, utilize all the amazing tools at hand and OWN IT whatever that means to you.  And as is true for a lot of people this starts with working from home
I have coded cross platform mobile apps, worked for call centers, been in sales, customer service, U-Haul, Xfinity, and myself. And I do have to say I am the best boss so far haha.

You too can do this! I am not special.

Let me help you find the best services, info, and tools so you can get your piece of this digital pie. Check out Bramblettmedia.com/blog for more info. Or follow us on Pinterest

If you ever need a hand or have ay questions, feel free to leave them below and I will be more than happy to help you out.

All the best,

Robert Bramblett